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Monday, July 7, 2008

Yay update!

My annual Seminar presentation and Progress Report and Committee Meeting (of DOOM) occurred recently, so I had to go hide for a while and bust my arse on those. Everything went about as I had expected.

Fun Fact: If you make a word cloud out of my progress report one of the larger words is "promiscuous". Another is "cleavage". SWAM and I get naughty-flagged emails from each other all the time. Yes, I really am in biophysics, why do you ask?

My poor Teaching Portfolio finally made its weary way though all the required committees so I have a shiny certificate that states I will get a Minor in Higher Education (if/when I finish my PhD).

Anybody out there going to the Gibbs conference? It's usually a rollicking good time. I'm trying to make my mind up about it for this year though, because I usually go with BFF Senior Grad Student who is going to be busy writing or something silly like that, and it's quite a trip from where I am.

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Errant Tempest said...

I might be going out that way. Don't think I'll make the conference, but I hear the area up there is nice and worth checking out. =)