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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fred/Fnord update.

The more we stare at the "Fnord" data, the more inconclusive it looks for hypotheses Fred (ie the phenomenon we are looking for would almost certainly be swamped out if it is there). It's really irrelevant for hypothesis Duh, which the first paper is mostly about anyway (1). So we just took out most of the forshadowing about hypothesis Fred from the manuscript we are working on, and meanwhile we are currently slogging through some experiments to address the issue from a different angle. One of the cool things about EPR is that you can be like, "Oh yeah? Well try this pulse sequence, bee-yotch, and see if you can still hide from me!"

(1) Yay for short, technical, "Dear FSM I need to get my name out there and mark my proverbial territory while I work out the kinks in the cool stuff!" papers.

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