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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gradschoolus Intteruptus Updaticus

Now with updates in pretty colors!

  • Judging at a major regional high school science fair tomorrow. Don't LOL, is srys bznss. I haz 70 abstracts to read tonight.Fun! I will try to remember to share some stories about this later.
  • Big piles of science need to happen because S.W.A.M. is presenting at conference X in June that is so cool I can't even get in to go listen. She has promised to give me mad props if I can finish dataset Cthulhu by then.
  • Final Presentation for Scary Biophysics Class next week (I initially forgot this one because of the defense thing.)
  • Final Exam/Paper for Scary Biophysics Class is due in a couple weeks.
  • Annual Teaching Portfolio requirement for my Higher Ed minor due early May.
  • Oh, and on the subject of the Higher Ed minor, the date for the oral defense for my research requirement was moved from April 26ish to Tuesday. We -they do them in batches once a semester- were informed of this yesterday. To be fair, this wasn't anyone's fault in particular, but it still is less than fun. There is the option to re-schedule for the December slot, but I don't want to drag it out that much longer when I am so close. Will our heroine succeed or encounter massive FAIL? Check in next week to find out.Success! FTW! I would really love to ramble on and on about the research I did for this, but it's human research and on minors besides, so I can't. =-( Nonetheless, It is really nice to be one major step closer to putting a "done" stamp on my minor. It is a major goal of mine for 2008 to finish all the requirements for this.
  • In other news, Dataset Cthulhu still kickin' my ass.


Ψ*Ψ said...

Love the name Cthulhu for a dataset. Wonder if the crystallographer here is secretly naming my horrible, ugly data the same?
So what exactly does a Higher Ed minor lead to?

Maxwell's Demoness said...

Re: Dataset Cthulhu, the cool thing about EPR data is that you can measure things while they are moving! The bad thing about EPR data is that you are measuring things while they are moving =-(

I am a dork and like teaching. The hypothesis I am testing with the minor, is that it will show I have Mighty Super Powers (the elusive ability to communicate with people outside my immediate field). This will possibly give me a competitive edge when looking for academic jobs, and if that fails, make it easier for me to transfer to the Back Up Plan of teaching science at the college level or getting involved in educational politics. Check back in about 10 years to see if this actually worked out.

It is also a kinda trippy to take fuzzy cuddly classes on cognitive theory, while also taking hardcore physics.