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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Scientific Romance

One of the odd habits my lab homies and I engage in is trying to make up names for scientific romance novels. You know, the type of novels you see at the grocery store with titles like "Unbridled Passions" and the picture of a cowboy on it and some chick with her shirt ripped half off. Like those, but with science. Our current favorites are:

"As the Centrifuge Turns." (-may be better as a soap opera)
"Bunsen's Flames." (-Retrospective Fake-Historical)
"Hot Reactions". (-For the PG-13 set)
"Precipitating Evening " (One-night stand)
"Le Volatile" (Artsy soft-core)

Our #1 ranked title is.........................

"Scintillating Encounters."

[crickets] See, because of the Scintillation Count-er. Get it? eh? [/crickets]

Anyone got a title they want to share? I wanna see!


Paul Mohr said...

"Molecular Bondage" By Diels-Alder (for the dienophiles ) , "Strange Attractors" or "Passion in the Cantor Dust"

Errant Tempest said...

Pi - is for Passion

or maybe

Of Moles and Men

Shawn Wilkinson said...

"Centrifugal Motivations"
"Code Name: Eigenfunction"
"Symmetry and Completeness"
"Every (Complete) Wavefunction Has One"
"The Scientist's Laser"

hmmm...this is harder than I thought >.<