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Monday, May 5, 2008

Grad school interrupticus updaticus.

Now with updates in pretty colors!

  • Big piles of science need to happen because S.W.A.M. is presenting at conference X in June that is so cool I can't even get in to go listen. She has promised to give me mad props if I can finish dataset Cthulhu by then.
  • Final Exam/Paper for Scary Biophysics Class is due in a couple weeks. Finished, waiting for grade....A+++! So there, Scary Physicists!
  • Final Teaching Portfolio requirement for my Higher Ed minor due early May. TOMORROW, errr looking at the time, actually that would technically be today. YIPE!!! You should see the monster I have going. BFF Postdoc is measuring my progress by how many centimeters it grows every day. Whee!
  • In other news, Dataset Cthulhu still kickin' my ass. We also had a "fun" cold-room incident that set everyone back about two weeks. Who needs drama when you have science?

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