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Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day!

It's Pi day today!

Take a moment to sit back and appreciate one of the coolest numbers ever!

Featured in many critical equations, as well as the nicely obscure Pi Helix.

I really love this odd Pi music video.

As well as the movie Pi, which has the most accurate on-screen depiction of migraines that I have ever seen.

I also have to share one of the worst jokes ever. My dad told me this one a hundred times if he told it once. (He is an engineer).

A kid from a very under-educated family wins a scholarship to go to a college engineering program. He comes back home on his first break and his father asks about what he has been learning. The son replies " pi R squared". The father says "What 'r they doing to you, son? Those book-lernin' folks don't know nothin'! Everybody knows bread 'r square an' pie r' round!"


Errant Tempest said...

I was searching for more pi jokes and I can't fine any good ones. How disappointing. I would have spent longer than 5 minutes if every joke I did find wasn't so disappointingly lame that I couldn't wade through any more of them... the flash movie that keeps voicing pi until you click the button was kinda creative though.

Maxwell's Demoness said...

That reminds me of some comics I should post....