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Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Fun - Science Music Video Doubleshot

First, the Black Knight alerted me to this lovely transformation rap by the Notorious GFP

"we gonna inject dna cuz its your birthday,
so every single day we transform DNA
I'm packing two fiddy micros into my Gilson,
aw my baby mama's calling but I know he ain't my real son
im a OG playa dont mean to sound crude,
But I only took one shot in her eppendorf tube, (whooo)"

How True.

Also, I would like to share one of my personal favorites, this fabulous We Are the World parody/PCR love song by Bio-Rad, because the above verse reminded me of the following line:

"PCR-when you need to find out who the daddy is..."

The molecular biologists in my department have been spontaneously been bursting into this song about once a day for the last month. Seriously.

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